Newcomers Shared Their Biggest Disappointments About Canada & They’re Not What You’d Expect

Prepare to feel all the feelings!

A person with a Canadian flag.
Senior Editor

A person with a Canadian flag.

Moving to another country is a pretty huge leap, and such a big life decision rarely comes without its complications — wherever you relocate to.

In a recent Facebook post, Narcity asked newcomers to Canada to dish on what disappointed them the most when they started living here and the responses were refreshingly wholesome.

The discussions touched on various topics, with some newcomers expressing their concerns about the rising cost of living, particularly the steep prices of essentials like groceries.

Others critiqued public transport, the healthcare system, and the high cost of housing, as well as the tipping culture and the infamous chill of Canada's winter months.

But amidst these grievances, many newcomers were quick to acknowledge that the benefits of living in Canada far outweighed the drawbacks.

As one person said, "The people are awesome, though the cost of living has significantly increased. Compared to many other countries, I am grateful."

Another shared, "Nothing really - moved here as I turned 12, 65 years ago but I really would like warmer and shorter winters."

Surprisingly, instead of focusing solely on disappointments, almost everybody seized the opportunity to share just how much they love living in Canada.

Responding to the question, one person explained, "I moved to Canada in 1989. I love this country. Canada has always been home to me. Every time I leave Canada when I come back I kiss the ground! I am grateful as a woman to have rights and be protected. I have a voice. People of Canada are my family. I am one grateful person!"

Another added, "Nothing! I love Canada and everything about it and the life I have."

And it seems like the feeling is mutual all over the country, with somebody else sharing, "I’m so grateful to be living in a country as beautiful and vast as Canada. From Newfoundland to B.C.. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else."

Several newcomers also took the opportunity to share how their life in Canada compares to their home countries, with many noting that they'd never consider returning.

In fact, a significant number of respondents explained they had been living in Canada for many years, with many proudly revealing they'd now become Canadian citizens.

"I moved to Canada in 1971 and will never look back. This country has been nothing but welcoming. I am proud to now say that I am a Canadian citizen," one person shared.

"Honestly we moved to Canada when I was around 4 years old from Southern California in the 80's due to violent crime in the area and NOTHING disappointed me, being raised on Vancouver Island in Nanaimo it was just a great place to grow up," somebody else explained.

Another added, "Grateful for the opportunity to move 22 years ago to this beautiful country we now call home."

And it looks like Canadians were feeling the love, too!

Responding via Facebook, one Canuck said, "I’m sooooo happy to read these comments. I love Canada and I always hope we are welcoming to newcomers. I absolutely love other cultures and I’m thrilled to meet new people and hear the stories of their growing up in other countries. Welcome welcome welcome!"

Somebody else added, "As a proud Canadian I am so happy reading all these comments it makes me proud that my country makes you all feel welcome and now it’s your country to welcome others too."

A third simply said, "These comments bouts make me cry lol. I’m so happy that Canada has been great to all of you!"

So, while Canada may have its imperfections, with its freezing winters, unpredictable transit, and jaw-dropping housing costs, both newcomers and longtime residents seem to agree that the positives outweigh the negatives.

What's more, despite these challenges, both new citizens and lifelong Canucks seem to be certain of one thing: there's a whole lot to love about living in Canada!

Helena Hanson
Senior Editor
Helena Hanson is a Senior Editor for Narcity Media, leading the Travel and Money teams. She previously lived in Ottawa, but is now based in the U.K.