Canadians Can Get Paid Up To $120K To Move To These 6 Places & Here's What You Should Know

How does a move to Europe sound?

Presicce-Acquarica, Italy.

Presicce-Acquarica, Italy.

If you're thinking of making a change this year, this one's for you.

There are places that will actually pay Canadians to live there, including dreamy Italian towns, Irish islands and New England states, so if you're thinking of making a move, now may be the time.

Several countries offer cash incentives to those who move there, with the money provided for housing and other financial support.

In fact, some places are offering over $100,000 to prospective residents. In many cases, you can actually get paid to relocate to quaint European villages or U.S. mountain towns.

Sound ideal? Here are six places where Canadians can get paid for relocating and what you need to know before you apply.


If living in a country with captivating cities, medieval castles, cobblestone streets and incredible beaches sounds ideal, you might consider a move to Portugal.

The country's Inland Employment Plus program welcomes foreign expats as well as citizens who are willing to move to the Portuguese interior regions, a list of which can be found on real estate consultancy platform Pearls of Portugal.

The program will provide one-time financial support of up to 4,827 euros (about CA$6,962) to anyone who decides to move to the interior, including those who move for teleworking.

According to the Portuguese government, citizens who left Portugal after 2015 and who have lived abroad for at least one year are also eligible for the program.

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Presicce-Acquarica, Italy

The small Italian town of Presicce-Acquarica is offering a cash incentive to those who move and live there.

Struggling with a dwindling population and many abandoned homes, the town — which is located in Italy's Puglia region — will pay people up to 30,000 euros (around CA$43,295) to buy an empty property and take up residency.

The program is called the "Welcome" tender. To be eligible, the property purchased must be a dwelling built before December 31, 1991, and individuals or families must move their official residency to the town.

The town (which is technically two towns that merged in 2019) is absolutely dreamy, with picturesque buildings and churches, winding streets, and olive trees.

In fact, according to Euronews, the town is famous for its "green gold" olive oil, and the surrounding area is full of olive groves.

The location of Presicce-Acquarica also makes it easy to reach some of the most beautiful beaches on both the Ionian and Adriatic Seas.

Those interested can find out more by going to the town's website, where you'll also find the application form.

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Albinen, Switzerland

Located in the Swiss Alps, the southern Switzerland village of Albien has, since 2018, tried to attract new residents by offering a housing grant of 25,000 Swiss francs (about CA$36,300) for each person under the age of 45.

And according to the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad, those who move there can get an additional 10,000 Swiss francs for each child they bring with them.

There are some requirements, including that the money must be used towards the cost of building, renovating or purchasing a property worth at least 200,000 francs (about CA$290,433) and that residents must remain in the village for 10 years or more.

But it sounds like you'd get your money's worth. Albinen has been called one of the most beautiful mountain villages in the Valais region and is close to the renowned Leukerbad thermal baths and just an hour away from celebrity-fav ski resort Verbier.

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Do you dream of trading in urban city life for idyllic rural lands and rolling green hills? Ireland may be the place for you.

The country has just introduced a new program that is offering cash incentives to people who choose to move to one of Ireland's offshore communities.

The move is part of the country's "Our Living Islands" policy, through which the government aims to boost the population of Ireland's islands.

These islands (of which there are 30) include the breathtaking Inis Mór, the biggest of Ireland's Aran Islands, which you might recognize from the hit movie The Banshees of Inisherin.

According to Business Insider, the program is offering up to 84,000 euros (about CA$121,200) to those who want to move to the islands.

To get the money, you'll need to purchase and own a property on one of the islands, as Euronews reports. Additional requirements include that the building must have been constructed before 1993 and have been vacant for at least two years.

The money itself would go towards the fixing and building of the property.

The program is set to come into effect on July 1, and more details can be found on the Irish government's website.

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Vermont, U.S.

Vermont is a state in New England where you'll find vast forests and nature, incredible hiking opportunities and some of the best skiing in North America.

If you're looking to move someplace quiet with breathtaking scenery, it could be the state for you.

As far as incentives go, Vermont's Worker Relocation Incentive Program offers reimbursement grants of up to US$7,500 to those that move there.

To be eligible, you must move to Vermont and either become a full-time employee for a Vermont employer at a location in the state or be employed by an out-of-state employer and work remotely from a home office or coworking space in Vermont.

In both cases, you must be making at least the liveable wage in Vermont, which is currently US$15.33 per hour, in addition to some other requirements.

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West Virginia, U.S.

Does rich mountain culture, sweeping landscapes and unlimited outdoor adventure sound appealing to you? Then a move to West Virginia may be right up your alley.

Ascend West Virginia is offering US$12,000 to people who relocate to "almost Heaven," provided that they can work remotely in West Virginia with a company that is outside of the state.

Applicants are only required to live in the state for two years; over the course of the first year, the state will pay US$10,000 in monthly installments to those in the program.

An additional US$2,000 will be paid for the second year in the state.

In terms of eligibility, applicants must be at least 18 years old and either have a remote job, be able to transition to remote work, or be self-employed outside of West Virginia.

Canadians will also need a green card to live and work in the state.

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Best of luck!

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