Over the weekend, the province saw an alarming jump in cases — and B.C.'s COVID-19 spike just keeps growing

In their COVID-19 update on Monday, August 17, deputy provincial health officer Dr. Réka Gustafson announced 236 total new cases since Friday, August 14.

From Friday to Saturday, we had 100 cases of COVID-19 in British Columbia.

Dr. Réka Gustafson

The spike from Friday to Saturday was the highest in B.C.'s history, shattering the previous record of 95 on Saturday, April 25 early in the pandemic.

These cases are being reported after many photos and videos surfaced showing several crowded parties in Vancouver that same weekend, with little physical distancing on the beaches and parks.

Gustafson continued that most of the COVID-19 cases are now in younger people, who often experience milder symptoms — potentially spreading the disease without knowing it.

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