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Huge Crowds Fill Vancouver Streets & Beaches Despite Horgan's Warnings (VIDEOS)

"The crowds were getting bigger and bigger as the hours passed by."
Parties In Vancouver Fill Streets & Beaches Despite Horgan's Warnings (VIDEOS)

British Columbians aren't listening to their health officials. On Sunday, August 16, videos emerged of several Vancouver spaces getting flooded by people in huge numbers. These large parties in Vancouver directly go against the warnings issued by politicians and health officials.

Many COVID-19 cases in recent weeks have been linked to social gatherings, including nightclub dance parties and raves

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Therefore, Premier John Horgan, Dr. Bonnie Henry, the province's top doctor, and Adrian Dix, B.C. health minister, have warned the public against partying.  

Premier Horgan even called on Vancouver-born celebrities Ryan Reynolds and Seth Rogen to send a message out to B.C.'s young people. The celebrities did their bit and told them about the dangers of partying at this time. 

Yet the latest videos surfacing out of Vancouver suggest that party-goers haven't exactly been listening to advice issued by celebrities or health officials. 

A user on Twitter posted two videos of the scenes in downtown Vancouver during the weekend. 

"Granville Street between Nelson and Smithe, closed to traffic so drunk partiers can... Have a concert? I guess #COVID19BC takes a break on the weekend?" read the caption. 

Both the videos show B.C. crowds dancing to music in the middle of a busy downtown street. 

Another video taken at Kitsilano Beach shows that the gatherings weren't just limited to downtown streets. 

The caption read, "please still not being smart of social distancing here in Vancouver( kits beach at 4pm)."

George Coleman, who took the video, told Narcity, "I was shocked to see it with my own eyes." 

He added, "There was no enforcement seen on the beach there."

He also said that it wasn't the entire beach that was overrun by people. The side closest to the parking lot was the area where people had chosen to gather in large numbers. "They didn't look like they were enforcing any social distancing."

Narcity has reached out to Vancouver Police Service and the City of Vancouver for comment and we will update this article when we receive a response. 

Coleman said that his side was fairly safe and wasn't that packed. "We were around for a few hours, but the crowds were getting bigger and bigger as the hours passed by," he told us. 

Just before the weekend, Adrian Dix said that law enforcement was going to be patrolling the city for large social gatherings to catch these rulebreakers in the act. 

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