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Seth Rogen Wants British Columbians To 'Smoke Weed And Watch Movies' Instead Of Partying

Here's Seth's official message to the "people of British Columbia."

B.C.'s Premiere, John Horgan, recently called on Ryan Reynolds and Seth Rogen to help encourage young people to stop partying and getting together in big groups. 

Lo and behold, both celebrities have responded to his plea. While Reynolds took a personal approach, asking locals not to kill his mom by spreading COVID-19, Rogan simply put forth an alternative option. 

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People of British Columbia! Please do not go out to parties and BBQs and other large gatherings! The COVID is still out there!

Seth Rogen

After that exclamation point-filled opening, he went on to tell locals what they should do instead.

"It’s more fun to hang out alone and smoke weed and watch movies and TV shows anyway! Do that instead! Thank you!"

Over 17,000 people have commented and retweeted his message, many of whom sharing what they've been getting up to instead of heading to parties. 

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