A big part of dealing with the ongoing pandemic is making sure that people are getting tested. While the process can seem daunting, Dr. Theresa Tam has said that it is essential to the fight against COVID-19. She has even said that doing so is an act of bravery.

In a statement released on September 16, Canada's Chief Public Health Officer urged anyone who is experiencing symptoms or believes they may have been near someone with the virus to get checked out.

"I recognize that there may be line-ups at some local testing facilities, and awaiting test results may be stressful and disruptive to your family and work life," Dr. Tam said, "but I thank you for your patience."

"Being tested for COVID-19 is an act of kindness, and frankly, bravery."

The CPHO expressed her gratitude to all of the people who have chosen to do so, saying that over 300,000 Canadians are being tested each week.

She added that people can help someone who is either getting tested or waiting for their results by offering to run errands or pick up supplies.

"We are all adjusting to new ways of resuming school, work, business… in our adapted way of life," she said, "As we do so, let’s continue to support each other and protect each other with compassion and understanding."

Over six million people across the country have been tested for the virus, with the latest epidemiological data showing a positivity rate of roughly 2.1%.

While people have been encouraged to go if they are experiencing symptoms, there have been issues with long lineups at some centres.

The University of Western Ontario recently had its mobile centres overloaded after there was an outbreak among students, reaching their daily capacity in just half an hour.

CBC News has also reported that Ottawa health officials have asked residents who are asymptomatic not to go in for testing.

Dr. Tam recommended that people use the government's online screening tool to determine whether they need to be examined or not.

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