Pride celebrations are a little different right now! While the prime minister didn't hit the streets to celebrate this year, he did share a message in honour of Pride weekend in Canada. Trudeau admitted there's still "work to be done" to make Canada more inclusive, and he promised to fight for greater "rights, protections and inclusion."

After celebrating Pride in downtown Toronto last year, the prime minister has opted for a more socially-distanced celebration this year.

Sharing a video from Rideau Cottage, Trudeau wished Canadians a “Happy Pride,” and spoke about the ways in which Canada can work towards being more inclusive.

“I know we all wish we were marching together today,” he began, “but I’m so glad we're finding new ways to celebrate.”

“It’s so important that we continue to show our support for the LGBTQ2 communities,” he said.

Trudeau went on to acknowledge that the country has come a long way, but admitted that there is still “work to be done to make Canada more welcoming and inclusive for everyone.”

“Far too many people still face prejudics and discrimination,” he said, “simply because of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.” 

However, he promised to fight for “greater rights, protections and inclusion” for everybody.

Sharing the clip on Twitter, Trudeau reminded his followers that the celebration is “more than a parade.” 

“It’s about celebrating our differences and supporting one another no matter who we are or whom we love,” he wrote.

Thanks to COVID-19, Pride celebrations have looked a little different this year. 

While many of Canada’s political leaders hit the streets to honor Pride in 2019, many public events have been cancelled or postponed due to concerns about large gatherings and appropriate social distancing. 

Instead, many celebrations are going virtual this year, including Pride Toronto.

Several Canadian businesses have shared their support for Pride Month by releasing limited edition products, some of which raise money for charity.

Starbucks Canada revealed colour-changing cups in honor of Pride, while Roots released a Pride-themed clothing collection that raises funds for the Black Coalition for AIDS Prevention.

Happy Pride, Canada!

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