The premier shared his opinion on race issues this Thursday. When asked about the Jacob Blake shooting, Premier Doug Ford announced that "we're better than the Americans."

In a press conference on Thursday, the Premier opened up to how Ontario handles racism and police brutality. 

I just think we’re better than the Americans. That's not a knock against Americans, the fact is we’re just better than them, it’s as simple as that.

Doug Ford

He stated that while he doesn't like to compare Canada to the United States, we do take "different approaches up here."

Ford outlined the reasons why he thinks this. "In this country, it's not about do you love the police or do you love the Black community? You know something, you can love both," he said.

"We can all get along...And we will get along. There's areas that we need more education on...We're putting the resources there."

"We take different approaches up here. I understand there's issues and we're addressing those issues. We're putting more training into our police officers as well, and we're gonna help everyone right across the board."

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