Some students might have to wait a little longer to get back into the classroom. The Toronto District School Board has announced that it is unlikely that classes will start on September 8. The move comes after Toronto school reopenings have been given the option to stagger classes for two weeks due to safety concerns. 

In a Tuesday night meeting held by the TDSB, the Interim Director of Education, Carlene Jackson, confirmed that the board does not think it is possible for students to return to school on time. 

"We are currently having conversations with the system including the principals to determine the state of readiness," Jackson told CP24.

In fact, the school system states that it will take a "miracle" to be able to get everything ready in time for the return date of September 8. 

"At this time we really don’t think it will be feasible," Jackson said.

Concerns over the safety of reopening public schools have been a major topic of conversation, mainly due to the large classes.

In fact, a petition for smaller class sizes in Ontario has now garnered over 200,000 signatures.

However, the province has rejected the call to lower the number of students in elementary grades.

Instead, public schools have been encouraged by the province to use money from their reserve funds to pay for extra teachers themselves, according to a newsletter from Carlene Jackson.

Now, the TDSB has been exploring alternative options for spacing kids out.

They are considering using spare rooms as learning facilities in order to maintain physical distancing in class.

According to a recent TDSB Survey on pre-registration, about 29% of parents are not likely to be sending their kids back to school in the fall if there is a full day of learning with regular classes.

Twenty-three percent have said that they will not be sending their kids to school even if there are smaller class sizes.

Meanwhile, Doug Ford has said that it's "not realistic" to expect no COVID-19 cases to come out of school reopenings. 

Although the TDSB has made some adjustments for a safe school reopening in the fall, it is still unclear when students will be back in the classroom this September.

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