As we're sure you've been waiting to hear, the Toronto crane raccoon that caught the city's attention yesterday has safely climbed back down.

The best part? It apparently swerved the city's trap, but still managed to steal the food inside that was set as bait. So, to summarize, it's drawn us all in and then played us for a fool.

Let's be honest, that's kind of impressive work.

Our masked friend made its way down the crane and into the cab, where a trap was set. Of course, Wile E. Raccoon managed to take the food but avoided being trapped.

Toronto CCO Brad Ross


The internet was enthralled yesterday morning at the news of the incident as video footage of the masked crusader's capers went viral. Well-wishes poured out from all corners of social media.

The entire saga of the Toronto crane raccoon has been thrilling, and honestly, it's been a distraction we all welcomed.

The 6ix's relationship with raccoons is an infamous one and it'll only be a matter of time before another trash panda finds itself in a precarious situation. 

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