Over the weekend, car enthusiasts gathered at an illegal Wasaga Beach car rally.

The event saw hundreds, if not thousands, of participants and spectators at the stunt driving event.

Crowds of people were packed shoulder-to-shoulder to watch cars drift in circles, cheering as their tires screeched.

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Attendees can be seen partaking in all sorts of rowdy behaviour and the energy was certainly high.

Ontario Provincial Police were aware of the event beforehand and ramped up enforcement around the beach.

OPP Sgt. Jason Folz told Narcity, "there were certainly tensions between attendees and [OPP] officers" at the event.

One individual was even captured pelting a police vehicle with an unknown object.

Earlier this month, a similar event took place in a parking lot in Ancaster.

These gatherings have been deemed illegal, as they far surpass the current limits for Ontario and run the risk of acting as COVID-19 super spreaders.

Premier Doug Ford addressed these events in the past, calling attendees "selfish."

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