Canadians are ready to get back outside and enjoy the summer weather. Apparently that also applies to animals. This morning, York Regional Police spotted two horses just having a chill day.

The YRP shared the news in a tweet, writing "Found Horses - 2 horses located out for a neighhhbourly stroll in the area of 19th ave and Woodbine Ave cityofmarkham if you have any information on who the owners are please call Communications 1-866-876-5423."

The tweet also included a photo of the equine duo, who seem to just be bathing in the golden morning sun. Seriously, whoever took this picture did a great job.

It would also be a shame not to point out that amazing horse pun. York Regional Police is really pulling out the dad jokes on this one.

Hopefully whoever happened to let their horses get loose can manage to get them back safely.

Judging by the area where they were found, they might have been heading to the 19th Avenue Farmers Market, or possible Baker's Harness and Saddlery for some cool new duds. They can't order them online, what with their hooves and all.

This has already been a spring and summer season filled with tons of free-roaming wildlife.

Back in May, the Guelph Police saved a few helpless ducklings that had gotten stuck in a storm drain, while Toronto Police helped a family of (abnormally well-behaved) Canada Geese and their babies cross the street.

Also in Toronto, a family of foxes that had made Woodbine Beach their home became local celebrities. So much so, that By-law had to put a fence up to keep people away from them.

Not all of the animals creeping back into cities have been peaceful, though. Ottawa residents had to deal with an aggressive coyote that was attacking people. 

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