The state of California is showing up to vote, and the general election is still weeks away.

As of Wednesday, a record-breaking number of people have voted early by turning in their mail-in ballots. 

1.5 million Californians have turned in their ballots — and that's compared to the 150,000 people who had voted by this point in the 2016 election. 

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1.5 million

Californians have turned in their mail-in ballots thus far

For more of an idea of how much of a bonkers-high number that truly is, this number is compared to the roughly 982,895 people who physically exist in the state of Delaware.

Interestingly enough, this historical number of California voters is happening around the same time that the president is sending tweets saying that "people are fleeing California" and to vote for him.

Californians had something to say about this, however — for example, some actual facts.

And some interesting points were thrown in. 🤔

And, of course, they also added some general reasons as to why they would never leave their state.

You can vote early in California by returning your mail-in ballot to one of the ballot drop boxes near you — happy voting, America. ✌️

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