Nick Cannon Announced A 'Who's Having My Baby' Game Show & People Were Right To Call BS

“Is this an early April Fool's joke?”

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Nick Cannon in the trailer of his fake show "Who's Having My Baby." Right: Kevin Hart as the host of the show.

Nick Cannon in the trailer of his fake show "Who's Having My Baby." Right: Kevin Hart as the host of the show.

Nick Cannon does not kid around when it comes to having babies, but it seems that he was kidding about plans to make a game show out of picking his next baby mama.*

The father of 12 announced on social media Tuesday that he’s “expecting a new show” on E! called Who’s Having My Baby, and people couldn't figure out if he was joking.

As it turns out, he actually was!

Cannon revealed Wednesday that the show Who’s Having My Baby, which he announced on social media, was actually a prank.

But that doesn't mean there's no show at all. In fact, that part where he announced he's coming out with a show was not a prank and he's actually coming out with a prank show instead.

We've got to give it to him; it was a clever move to announce the release of a prank show with a prank.

The show, called Celebrity Prank Wars will be released on E Entertainment! this coming spring on April 6 and will feature comedian Kevin Hart and Cannon as the hosts.

Cannon posted a new trailer for the show on his Instagram and it showed a sneak peek into what viewers can respect from the show.

"There’s nothing that besties do better than prank each other, and that’s why we create celebrity prank wars," Hart says during the trailer.

The new show will feature guests like Chance the Rapper, Tiffany Hadish, T-Pain, Ludacris and John McHale and is kind of reminiscent of the MTV show Punk'd hosted by Ashton Kutcher.

"It’s an all-out war as one celebrity pranks another, and the payback begins. Each episode will feature celebrities planning and perpetrating some of the wildest and most viral pranks on each other, as hosts Nick Cannon and Kevin Hart choose one winner of the Prank War,” said a press release for the show as per CNN.

Before announcing the fake show and then the actual show, Cannon teased his fans about it on his social media and wrote, “expect some big news tomorrow,” followed by the eyes emoji and baby milk bottle emoji.

Most people suspected that he was going to announce that he was expecting his 13th child, but very few could have imagined that he'd tease a show about having babies.

In 2022 alone, Cannon fathered multiple children with multiple women, so the concept is at least on brand.

Most of the reactions to his announcement about the pretend show Who’s Having My Baby, were speculations that he was joking... or at least people were really hoping he was.

The comment section under the trailer, which was posted on his Instagram page, had many people asking questions like: “Seriously? Or, is this an early April fool's joke?”

Another person wrote, “I feel like this was a well-constructed prank.”

“Weird, but I guess everything these days is entertainment,” wrote another commenter.

Others weren’t so excited about the show.

“I really hope this is a joke,” commented one user. “Babies are people, not a prize (or punishment) winning a game show. If a child is born from this, I hope they grow up to sue the people responsible for this show.”

Turns out people weren't too off and they can take a sigh of relief that it was actually just a prank.

One Twitter users even tweeted: “We need to stop Nick Cannon IMMEDIATELY.”

“What the f*ck did I just watch?” asked another Twitter user.

Who knows what other pranks we can expect from Cannon and Hart in the future?

*This story has been updated with news that Cannon was pulling a prank.

Sameen Chaudhry
Global Staff Writer
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