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9 Non-Alcoholic Drink Ideas That Can Help You Get Through Dry February Like A Total Champ

Who else is up for the challenge? 🙋

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9 Non-Alcoholic Drinks That Can Help You Get Through Dry February Like A Total Champ

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We've all heard of Dry January but what about Dry February? Yes, it's a real thing here in the country! It's an online fundraiser that challenges Canadians to go alcohol-free for the month while raising funds for the Canadian Cancer Society.

Not drinking any wine, beer or spirits during a pandemic seems like a tough gig. But ditching the drink has some lasting benefits including better sleep and higher energy levels. Bonus: No awful hangover in the morning.

If you're someone who, like yours truly, is choosing to go booze-free for the next 28 days, then here are some simple things you can get to keep things light and fun. After all, how boring would it be to just drink flat water 24/7?

SodaStream Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker

Canadian Tire

A sparking water maker is your new BFF this month. If you don't already own one, you can pick up a SodaStream at a bunch of different stores like Canadian Tire. With this cordless device, you can make all sorts of drinks like sparkling lemonade, cola, and plain ol' fizzy water.

You can presently buy a Sodastream in blue, black, red or white.


SodaStream Sparkling Water Flavours


At the risk of pissing off my dentist, I must admit I drink a lot of sugary soda. If you prefer also your water to be sweet and flavourful, then you can stock up on a variety of SodaStream flavours. Lemon-Lime, Black Cherry Cola, Root Beer and more are all $6.99 and up at Canadian Tire.


Spärkel Beverage System

Amazon Canada

This Canadian-made device is a great alternative to the SodaStream. It's a bit more money but it's the only sparkling beverage system that doesn't require a CO2 Cylinder — and those things are bloody expensive!

You can buy directly on the company's website or on Amazon where you can pick between seven colours: black, metallic blue, metallic red, pink, seafoam, silver or white.


Athletic Brewing Company Non-Alcoholic Beer

​Amazon Canada

Sometimes it's awkward being the only one not drinking, especially if you're watching the Super Bowl with all your friends. Why not blend right in with these non-alcoholic craft beers? No one will be able to tell the difference.

Here, you get a mixed 12-pack which includes six cans of Run Wild (IPA) and six cans of Upside Dawns (Golden).

Athletic Brewing Company

Gldn Hour Collagen Sparkling Water

There's no shortage of fizzy beverage brands in Canada. Gldn Hour remains a popular choice and each can of flavoured sparkling water is infused with five grams of collagen which is good for the bones, skin and hair among other things.

You can pick up individual cans or bundles at, including a variety pack ($22.74) of peach ginger, strawberry mint and grapefruit cucumber which sounds like an odd combo but it's surprisingly refreshing.

Gldn Hour

Partake Brewing Non Alcoholic IPA

Proudly brewed in Calgary, Partake offers a variety of low-carb, non-alcoholic craft beers. The IPA seems to be a hit amongst consumers. One review on Amazon reads: "This stuff is as close as you'll get to a light beer."

If you're not a fan of IPA, you can try Radler, Red Ale, Dark, Peach Gose or Blonde for the same price.


Lyre's Rosa Negroni Non-Alcoholic Set

Amazon Canada

Based in Sydney, Australia, Lyre's claims to be the most awarded non-alcoholic spirits in the world. There are a lot of sets you can buy on Amazon including this three-pack of Dry London Spirit, Italian Orange and Apéritif Rosso. With these bottles, you can make a ton of booze-free bevies like a Negroni or a Gin & Tonic.


St. Regis Dealcoholized Wine Shiraz Rose

You can still rosé all day even during Dry February. sells a bunch of dealcoholized wines from white to red to sparking. I didn’t know the difference between non-alcoholic and dealcoholized wine until my pregnant friend pointed out that the latter means the alcohol has been removed. The former is just grape juice “dressed up as wine”.

Harmon's Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer

Harmon's has only been in business since 2021 but the company brews delicious, full-flavoured non-alcoholic craft beer in Toronto and ships province-wide. You can choose between Half-Day Hazy IPA, Lunchbox Lagered Ale, Jack Pine Pale Ale – or get all of them!

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