Ontario Driver Caught Going Nearly Three Times The Speed Limit & Police Say There's No Excuse

This one is almost hard to believe. 🤯

Vehicle on a tow truck bed after being pulled over by police.

Vehicle on a tow truck bed after being pulled over by police.

A driver in western Ontario might not be back on the road for a while after getting caught going almost three times the speed limit.

Windsor Police posted a picture of a vehicle about to be towed away on October 18.

As per the provincial regulations for stunt driving, they said the person behind the wheel has had their license suspended for 30 days, their vehicle impounded for 14 days, and has been issued a summons to appear in court.

This driver was clocked going 140 km/h.

Those may not be unfamiliar speeds for 401 drivers despite a 100km/h speed limit on the highway, but the shocker is that this happened in a posted 50 km/h zone.

In the tweet, police reiterated their message that drivers should slow down and that speeding kills, adding that there is no excuse for something like this.

One comment on the post just about summed up everyone's reaction to this one.

"140 in a 50. Wow."

Stuart McGinn
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