Ontario Helicopter Company That Flies Travellers To US Is Reportedly Booked Up This Month

The company flies snowbirds across the Niagara border.
Ontario Helicopter Company Still Flies Travellers To US & They Are Booked Up This Month

An Ontario helicopter company is almost booked solid with desperate travellers trying to get into the States. 

Great Lakes Helicopter has been helping people get across the U.S. border by flying them from Ontario to Buffalo, New York.  

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What I say to critics is we are an air operator just like the big airlines. We’re following all the rules. Dwayne Henderson, Great Lakes Helicopter manager 

The popular service costs about $1,500, according to the company's website. 

However, most pay an additional fee of $700 to have their personal vehicle shipped across the border as well. 

Dwayne Henderson, the company's manager, told the Hamilton Spectator that, even with the stay-at-home order, there has been tons of demand for the service. 

“It’s actually quite surprising, the number of calls still coming in," Henderson states, commenting on the fact that he is also getting calls from Quebec and even Nova Scotia. 

At the moment, Henderson states that the company is "booked almost solid" for the rest of this month. 

Despite Canada urging residents not to travel, the company stresses that their service is still legal and that they are following the rules. 

In fact, Henderson states that they are just like any other airline service that is still currently flying to the States. 

Patrick John Gilson
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