Parts Of Ontario Are About To Get Ridiculously Cold Weather & More Snow

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Ontario Is About To Get Hit With Snow And Freezing -9 C Weather In Some Parts

If you live in northern Ontario, you're in for seriously some cold weather this month.

According to The Weather Network, cities like Thunder Bay will see temperatures drop between -6 C and -7 C at night this upcoming weekend.

A high of 0 C is expected on Tuesday, feeling like -5 C.

From Sunday through Monday, flurries are expected intermittently. 

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-9 C Coldest temperature expected on October 26

Just two days ago, Thunder Bay was hit by its first bout of snow this year.

By Sunday afternoon, the region had accumulated almost 10 centimetres of snow!

However, The Weather Network says a "single-day surprise" is heading for Ontario at the end of the workweek.

Temperatures in the mid-twenties are expected across the province on Friday.

Southwestern Ontario cities like Windsor will feel like 26 C, while Toronto will feel closer to 23 C.

It will likely be our last taste of summer-like weather, so you better make the most of it!