8 Ontario Police Forces Say They Won't Be Doing Random Stops With The New COVID-19 Rules

They now have the power to stop anyone who is outside their home.
8 Ontario Police Forces Say They Won't Be Doing Random Stops With The New COVID-19 Rules

New COVID-19 restrictions for the province involve heightened Ontario police powers, but eight forces have said they won't be doing random stops. 

Several police forces have commented on the new enforcement measures and addressed how they will be responding to them. 

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In a tweet, Waterloo's police force said they are reviewing the new measures but they "will not be conducting random vehicle or individual stops."

Ottawa Police shared a similar statement, saying they "will not be conducting random stops. We will be taking a deliberate and careful approach that emphasizes equity, legality, and efficacy." 

The president of the Peel Regional Police Association also tweeted, saying their members wouldn't be conducting random stops. 

In Peterborough, police said they "will continue to be complaints-driven in our response to the increased provincial measures, that means we will not be randomly stopping people."

Halton's police chief also weighed in, saying "the HRPS will NOT be randomly stopping vehicles for no reason during the pandemic or afterwards" with the exception of RIDE programs. 

Niagara Regional Police also tweeted, saying they will not be doing random checks. 

Guelph Police shared a similar statement online, saying "it is not our intention to conduct random vehicle or person stops."

London's chief of police also commented, saying they were awaiting specific details but their "plan is to continue to engage, explain, educate & enforce in a fair & unbiased manner. We will not be randomly stopping people." 

Ontario Provincial Police responded to the new orders by reminding residents that "law enforcement now has the ability to ask anyone outside their residence, including motorists, to indicate their purpose for leaving home and provide their address."