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More Parts Of Ontario Are Being Told To 'Take Cover Immediately' As Tornado Warning Extends

This follows a tornado touch down that left serious damage in Barrie.

Power lines and trees downed in wake of tornado that struck Barrie, ...

An Ontario tornado has left severe damage behind in Barrie. While the warnings have been lifted in that area, new warnings have now been put into effect by The Weather Network.

Around 5 p.m. local time on Thursday, July 15, the Network issued a warning for Peterborough, Lakefield, Northern and Southern Peterborough County, Apsley, and Woodview. People in those areas are being told to "take shelter immediately."

Locals are also being advised to stay away from windows and glass doors, get to the basement or lowest part of whatever building they are in, cover themselves with a mattress or sleeping bag, and continually check for updates.

While it was unclear at first if the weather damage was from an actual tornado that had touched down in Barrie, Environment Canada has now confirmed that it was.

The Weather Network is constantly updating Ontarians on the current situation and either ending or implementing warnings for the area. There is also a thunderstorm watch in effect for Toronto and surrounding areas at present.

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