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This Unique Bungalow On A Private Island Is For Sale In Florida Right Now

Your own private oasis!🏝

The idea of owning your own private island may seem like a far-away dream to most, but in Florida, that fantasy could actually become reality. This Florida house for sale is a charming and unique waterfront bungalow on its own private island. With that kind of description, you might think the price tag would be the stuff of daydreams, but the actual cost could be closer to your reach than you’d think!

Found in Melbourne, this hidden oasis could be your own private sanctuary.

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Shaq's 20 Million Dollar Mansion Is On The Market & The Photos Will Blow Your Mind

You could live the life of luxury!

If you’ve ever dreamed of living the high life of a superstar athlete, you can officially get a little taste of the elite world in Florida. NBA star Shaquille O’Neal is selling his massive Orlando mansion, and while the high life may be a lofty fantasy for most of us, it never hurts to dream! Take a look inside the life and home of an NBA star and maybe even claim it as your own.

Found in the Orlando suburb of Windermere, within the Isleworth Golf and Country Club, this nearly four-acre home borders on being a private theme park for its future residents. For starters, there’s the pool, 95 feet long and 15 feet deep with a huge rock waterfall, outdoor kitchen, and tiki cabana.

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6 Cheap Neighborhoods With Availability To Rent Right Now In Orlando

You won't have to mortgage your soul to live here.

Rental prices have certainly been on the rise in Central Florida. Rents can cost you more than $1,200 per month. However, there are some cheap neighborhoods in Orlando that are affordable to the prospective renter.

It's easy to assume that the prime locations in the city are locked out to those on a budget, or to get an affordable place to live, you'll have to sacrifice safety.

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This Massive Olive Orchard Mansion For Sale In Orlando Is A Total Mediterranean Dream

And a private pool, and a wine cellar, AND a horse ranch!

If you’ve ever dreamed of living in a romantic mansion with acres and acres of land, olive trees lining a near-endless orchard, complete with your very own olive mill and wine cellar, you don’t need to escape to Greece to find it. This stunningly massive mansion home for sale in Orlando will give you all of that and more and allow you to truly live your Mediterranean dream.

Boasting 366 acres of scenic Florida land, this Ocala mansion feels like adventuring off on your own private getaway. The luxurious ranch will make you forget you’re still in Florida with a three-story, 8,036 square foot house built in 1989.

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This Two-Story Mobile Tiny Home For Sale In Florida Is Surprisingly Spacious & Affordable

It has a balcony AND a bathtub!

Tiny houses can be pretty charming, unique, and in most cases mobile, making them the perfect travel companions. If you’ve been in the market for downsizing your life but are worried about being cramped or running out of storage, the perfect tiny home for sale in Florida is waiting for you. This 24-foot double-decker house is mobile, spacious, and won't break the bank!

The name “Little Sunshine” probably couldn’t fit better on this tiny home, plated with wooden paneling on the exterior and a strip of yellow paint that surrounds the front door.

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This Lakefront Tiny Home Community Is A Super Affordable Place To Live Near Disney World

Bigger doesn't always mean better.

If you love vacationing in tiny houses, if you are planning to buy one or if you already own one of those little pieces of paradise, there is a place in Florida you need to know about.  The affordable Orlando Lakefront Tiny Home And RV Community near Disney World is an idyllic place for all kinds of tiny house movement enthusiasts.

This relaxing lakeside getaway is located in Lake Fairview, just seven minutes from downtown Orlando and 20 minutes from all the attractions and theme parks we all love. 

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