There's A Fake Autograph At A Disney World Restaurant & The Celebrity Called Them Out On It

This is why we have trust issues.

​Wrestler Steve Austin takes a selfie at a bar. Right: The entrance to Disney World's Hollywood Studios.
Georgia Contributing Writer

Wrestler Steve Austin takes a selfie at a bar. Right: The entrance to Disney World's Hollywood Studios.

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin, an iconic WWE star, took to Twitter this weekend to set the record straight on the authenticity of an autograph displayed in a Hollywood Studios restaurant.

Walt Disney World News Today tweeted a photo from Disney World's Hollywood Brown Derby, a Tinseltown-themed eatery known for presenting a rotation of autographs from their celebrity guestbook.

The tweet showed that one of the signatures of the day claimed to be a 2016 autograph from Steve Austin himself, and read "Thanks for an amazing dinner!!!" It was also signed "WWE + WHO World Heavy Weight Champ, SSA."

Steve Austin promptly replied to the tweet, "Fake sig."

Fans in the replies had a few different theories regarding the mishap.

One woman who claims to be a former restaurant employee responded, "I worked there for 11 years and the signatures are legit. I even took the book to a lot of celebs to sign!! However, I don't remember Steve Austin coming in to eat & I would've known about it since I'm a huge wrestling fan!!.. I'm trying to work out exactly who's signature it is."

Another fan asked if it's possible he just had too many beers that day and doesn't remember.

A photo was posted in the comments showing a genuine "Stone Cold" Steve Austin signature, next to a certificate of authenticity. There appears to be a good deal of discrepancy between the two, which backs up the wrestler's claim that the signature isn't his.

One thing is for sure, the incident has left some people wondering just how many of the iconic restaurant's A-list autographs can't be trusted.

Maeve Browne
Georgia Contributing Writer
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