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A Zombie 'Dude With A Sign' Is Popping Up Around Ottawa & He's Scarily Sassy

"Chainsaws are the best saws."🪧🧟

Ottawa Staff Writer
'Dead with sign' in front of Parliament. Right: Zombie 'dude with sign' in Ottawa.

'Dead with sign' in front of Parliament. Right: Zombie 'dude with sign' in Ottawa.

One of the many hilarious and popular characters on the internet is 'dude with sign' - a man sharing photos holding cardboard signs with a range of sassy controversial comments.

Ottawa now has its own zombie version of this character just in time for Halloween. You can keep your eyes peeled around the city this month for 'dead with sign', a man dressed like he's dead in casual clothing, spoofing the famous 'dude'.

There are already a number of posts online with the spooky signs highlighting phrases from, "Stop saying 'I literally died" to "Beyond Meat isn't fooling anyone." More signs being held are expected to appear both on Instagram and in person.

Saunders Farm and The Sawmill haunt have created this spooky Ottawa influencer to promote the Halloween attractions. He's "a zombified version of the famous influencer, holding signs that humorously encourage people to get out and do something exciting at The Sawmill at Lansdowne this fall," the attraction told Narcity via email.

You can keep an eye on the Instagram account, @deadwithsign, and watch the daily stories to see where the sarcastic zombie will be popping up next in the city. The account plans to post online a few hours before he goes out to hold his sign if you're hoping to snap your own photo.

'Dead with sign' will be showing up at Lansdowne Park at some point but other locations around Ottawa have not been confirmed. He plans to be there on October 7 around 8 p.m. for the opening of The Sawmill 2 haunted experience.

"As things continue to gain momentum, we are going to try to have him make appearances at certain events, maybe even a hockey game, throughout the month of October," The Sawmill team told Narcity.

    Megan Johnson
    Ottawa Staff Writer
    Megan Johnson is a Staff Writer for Narcity Canada's Ontario Desk focused on new netflix shows in Canada and things to do in Ottawa. She is based in Ottawa, Ontario.
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