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Jessica Mulroney's Father-In-Law Is Calling For An End To Systemic Racism In Canada

The former prime minister had some radical proposals.

Systemic racism has been brought to the forefront in Canada. Most recently, former Conservative Prime Minister Brian Mulroney (father-in-law to Jessica Mulroney) shared his thoughts on a post-COVID Canada. They included putting an end to all forms of racism in the country.

In a June 25 opinion piece written for the Globe and Mail titled "Canada, I know you can beat COVID-19," Mulroney outlined what he called an "Agenda for Canadian Greatness."

His first two points made it clear that he believes part of progressing the country forward after it has dealt with the virus involves doing better for Indigenous Canadians and people of colour.

He first says that the country should implement full justice for its Indigenous community by using solutions proposed in the 1991 Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples.

Next, he calls for "greater fairness and opportunities for our Black, Indigenous and people of colour," as well as a full commitment from the country toward "the eradication of systemic racism and anti-Semitism in Canada."

On top of these proposals, he also suggests the country increase its immigration to eventually reach a goal of 75 million people.

He also called for a basic income for those living in poverty, as well as environmental support and dealing with the realities of climate change.

Those last three points stand in stark contrast to some of the current Conservative leadership candidates' own platforms.

This comes after his daughter-in-law Jessica Mulroney started receiving more attention after being called out for "textbook white privilege behaviour" by Toronto blogger Sasha Exeter.

The stylist apologized publicly, while also threatening Exeter with a libel lawsuit.

Shortly after this incident went public and Jessica lost various business partnerships, Ben Mulroney (Jessica's husband and the former PM's son) exited his role as an Etalk anchor, saying that he should be replaced by a person of colour.