'There Are More Tragedies To Come' Says Trudeau As COVID-19 Death Toll Nears 10K

The PM delivered a passionate speech on Tuesday.
COVID-19 Deaths In Canada: Trudeau Says 'There Are More Tragedies To Come'
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As the number of COVID-19 deaths in Canada approaches a grim milestone, the prime minister has warned that “there are more tragedies to come.”

Speaking at a press conference on October 27, as the number of people who’ve died from COVID-related causes nears 10,000, Justin Trudeau spoke candidly about the future.

“What we are living through is a horrific national tragedy. Families have lost loved ones, been devastated by these tragedies,” he began.

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We need to know that there are more tragedies to come.

Justin Trudeau

The PM went on to say that, “We need to be there for each other and we need to keep them [the number of deaths] as low and infrequent as possible with everything we know.”

As part of the emotional speech delivered on Tuesday, Trudeau acknowledged that the near-future would be “a very difficult time” for Canadians.

He also admitted that his government would have “absolutely” done some things differently with hindsight.

However, he later added, “From the very beginning we based our decisions on the best possible advice from the best possible experts we could find.”

These comments come as Canada’s top doctor warned the number of COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths could soon surge, due to those numbers lagging behind case counts.

As of October 26, the total number of COVID-19 related deaths in Canada was 9,973.

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