Huge Explosion In Ottawa Destroys Multiple Homes & People Got Trapped Under Debris (VIDEO)

11 people had to be treated by paramedics.

Ontario Editor
Debris left behind after a home explosion in Ottawa, Ontario. Right: Someone being rescued from the wreckage.

Debris left behind after a home explosion in Ottawa, Ontario. Right: Someone being rescued from the wreckage.

A massive house explosion in Ottawa left some unbelievable damage behind while several people were hurt and two had to be pulled from the debris.

Early Monday morning, Ottawa Fire Services (OFS) along with the Ottawa Police Service (OPS) and paramedics all responded to reports of the explosion in the city's east end as people took to social media in shock having seen, heard, or felt the impact.

'We are on scene in Orleans for a gas leak that caused an explosion & has taken out multiple houses under construction," said OFS in their first of many tweets about what had happened.

At the time, officials said gas was still leaking and they asked people to avoid the area.

Home security footage of the explosion was quickly shared by someone living nearby, showing the moment the explosion took place.

Several others took to Twitter saying they had heard or felt the blast, some from several kilometres away.

From the scene, officials revealed the damage that had been left behind.

"Firefighters used chainsaws to cut through a large amount of debris & have rescued one person from the wreckage," said OFS in an updated tweet from the scene. They confirmed the person rescued was "stable & talking."

In the video from the scene, you can clearly see just how destructive the explosion was, with piles of construction rubble scattered across the area where a home once stood.

Fire officials later confirmed they rescued a second person from the debris with a photo showing that person surrounded by firefighters carrying them out.

Ottawa Paramedics confirmed they cared for 11 patients in total.

Two men were rushed to a trauma centre in serious but stable condition. They didn't confirm whether those were the two people who were pulled from underneath the wreckage.

Two children were taken to CHEO in stable condition, but officials did not confirm their age, and paramedics said another 2 adults were transported to local hospitals in stable condition.

Ottawa Police said several people had also been displaced from their homes in the area and city buses were brought to the scene for shelter.

Police told reporters at a news conference that the explosion remains under investigation by them and the office of the fire marshal.

Stuart McGinn
Ontario Editor
Stuart McGinn is Narcity’s Ontario Editor and focuses mainly on covering major provincial and local news stories across the province. Stuart is from Ottawa and is now based in Toronto.