Jagmeet Singh Says Trudeau Sided With Big Pharma & Has 'No Plan' For COVID-19 Vaccines

The NDP leader is not happy with Justin Trudeau. 😬
Jagmeet Singh Says Trudeau Sided With Big Pharma & Has 'No Plan' For COVID-19 Vaccines
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Justin Trudeau has “no plan” when it comes to getting COVID-19 vaccines in Canada. That was the message coming from Jagmeet Singh on Thursday, as he accused the prime minister of siding with "Big Pharma."

In a tweet shared on November 26, the NDP leader said Trudeau had failed to “fix” the issues caused by the Conservative Party in years gone by.

Singh blamed both Trudeau and the Conservatives for Canada being unable to produce their own vaccines, saying that the PM ultimately “chose to side w/ Big Pharma.”

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In a video accompanying the tweet, the NDP leader told Trudeau that Canadians are “worried and afraid” and “need to know that there’s a clear plan.”

His comments come just days after the PM claimed Canada now has one of the “best vaccine portfolios” in the world.

Earlier this week, Trudeau said that his government may have secured more vaccines than people, but admitted that Canada no longer has the ability to produce such a large scale of vaccines at home.

He also acknowledged that other countries were likely to vaccinate their own people first, before sending doses abroad.

“But shortly afterwards, they will start honouring and delivering on the contracts that they signed with other countries, including with Canada,” he said.

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