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Trudeau Says Canada's Vaccine Plan Is So Good That There May Be More Doses Than People

The federal government has signed yet another deal.
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It looks like there’s more good news on the horizon when it comes to COVID-19 vaccines in Canada.

Speaking from Rideau Cottage on November 24, Justin Trudeau confirmed that a new deal had been signed, securing up to 26,000 doses of a therapeutic drug from Eli Lilly.

The PM went on to reveal that Canada now has one of the “best vaccine portfolios” of any country in the world.

In fact, he said Canada potentially has “far more doses” of COVID-19-related drugs than there are people.

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To keep Canadians safe, we need access to as many potential vaccines and treatments as possible. Justin Trudeau

Earlier this month, the Canadian PM also confirmed that the country had secured "millions" of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, both of which have been over 90% effective in trial stages.

He also revealed that Canada is now funding domestic vaccine production capacity, as “we never want to be caught short again." 

During the press conference, the PM also paid tribute to Canada’s scientists and researchers, who are working towards “a better tomorrow.”

“Just like always, your dedication and expertise is making Canadians healthier and safer,” he said.

The message was delivered from a very festive-looking Rideau Cottage, which looked like it was straight out of a Hallmark movie!

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