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Trudeau's House Looks Straight Out Of A Hallmark Christmas Movie Right Now

Snow-covered and decorated for the holidays!
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Justin Trudeau's House Looks Like A Hallmark Christmas Movie After Ontario's Snowfall

After a snowstorm moved through Ontario, Justin Trudeau's house looks straight out of a Hallmark Christmas movie because of the decorations and the snow.

Now that the Prime Minister is working from home and doing press conferences from outside of Rideau Cottage, we get to see how his house is decorated for the holidays.

During a press conference on November 24, you can spot a festive wreath with a red ribbon on the front door of the house and snow-covered evergreens at the bottom of the stairs.

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[rebelmouse-image 26002118 photo_credit="cpac | YouTube" expand=1 original_size="1360x644"] cpac | YouTube

With the snow, the decorations and the beautiful evergreens, it looks like a Hallmark Christmas movie could have been shot there.

It was also pretty cold as you could see Trudeau's breath when he was talking.

Rideau Cottage is just outside of downtown Ottawa which saw about nine centimetres of snow during the storm on November 22.

Trudeau has started doing COVID-19 briefings outside of his home just like he did during the first wave in the spring and people didn't know how to process the change.

When it snowed back in April as he was doing a press conference outside, Trudeau complained about the snow but he didn't complain about it this time.

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