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Ontario Cops Chased Down A Guy Racing Almost 200 km/h To Impress His Girlfriend

Now, he gets to go on another date — a court date.

Police were taken for a wild ride on Thursday night when they stopped a driver speeding at nearly 200 km/hour on the highway in Ontario.

Officers learned that the driver only had his G2, and was taking his girlfriend for a joy ride.

OPP say that the driver was forced to call for a ride home after they impounded the car and suspended his licence.

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The young man wasn't the only stunt driver that was pulled over on Highway 417 last night.

Another driver was caught taking his father's car for a spin — at 186 km/h. He also had his vehicle impounded and licence suspended. And he's probably getting grounded too.

Police are asking that everyone keep their driving to a legal speed.

"It's #Friday13th, please, slow down and enjoy the ride," they tweeted.

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