Ottawa Police Could Arrest Anyone Who Gives Gas & Other 'Material Supports' To Protesters

Officers already seized several vehicles and fuel.

Ottawa Police Could Arrest Anyone Who Gives Gas & Other 'Material Supports' To Protesters
Toronto Associate Editor

Ottawa police may begin arresting people who try to supply Freedom Convoy demonstrators with fuel, or any other support.

In a tweet from the Ottawa Police Service on Sunday, February 6, officers made it clear that there could be penalties for anyone who tries to help the protesters.

"IMPORTANT: Anyone attempting to bring material supports (gas, etc.) to the demonstrators could be subject to arrest. Enforcement is underway," OPS tweeted.

In a news release published later on Sunday evening, Ottawa police reported that "multiple vehicles and fuel" had been seized by their force already that day. The details on how many vehicles and the amount of fuel were not specified.

"The OPS issued a warning earlier today advising the public that anyone found bringing fuel to the demonstration trucks in [the] red zone could be subject to arrest and charges. This is effective immediately," the press release reads.

Narcity reached out to the police service for more details but did not immediately hear back before this article was published.

Several arrests and tickets have been issued by officers for Freedom Convoy protesters.

On Sunday alone, 100 tickets were given out for various offences, including Highway Traffic Act infractions and "other Provincial Offence Notices" like excessive honking, driving the wrong way and having booze readily available in the vehicle.

Seven arrests were made, too, most of which were for mischief. One was charged for driving while prohibited, and another was charged for mischief related to property damage.

On Sunday morning, OPS reported that over 450 tickets had been given out to demonstrators since the previous morning, including for excessive noise, the use of fireworks, failure to drive in a marked lane and driving on the sidewalk.

The City of Ottawa also declared a state of emergency on February 6 due to the continuing protests, which have been occupying the downtown area since Friday, January 28.

Alex Arsenych
Toronto Associate Editor