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Ottawa Police Have Arrested & Charged 2 People For Their Actions During The Freedom Convoy

There are currently 13 active investigations related to the demonstration.

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Ottawa Police Have Arrested & Charged 2 People For Their Actions During The Freedom Convoy

There have been two arrests made relating to behaviour during the Freedom Convoy 2022 in the nation's capital and more incidents are under investigation.

On February 1, the Ottawa Police Service announced that it had arrested and charged Matthew Dorken, a 29-year-old of Ottawa, with "Mischief under $5,000."

Police said that on January 29, a man caused mischief to property but he was not arrested at the time because officers wanted to avoid a larger confrontation.

On January 30, Andre J. Lacasse, a 37-year-old of Ottawa, was charged with "Carry a Weapon to a Public Meeting" under the Criminal Code of Canada.

When it comes to the entire demonstration in the capital city, Ottawa Police reports that along with the two men arrested and charged with criminal offences, there are currently 13 active investigations.

There have also been eight complaints to the police hotline. Three of those will be investigated by the Hate and Bias Crime Unit.

Police said that some progress had been made in the investigation into the desecration of the National War Memorial but no further details were given.

On Sunday, Jagmeet Singh slammed protesters for allegedly urinating and jumping on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the National War Memorial.

"Claiming to be fighting for freedom while disrespecting those who lost their lives fighting for our freedom is despicable," Singh tweeted.

Ottawa Police also reported that there has been a reduction in the number of protesters who are in the nation's capital.

About 50 people are still on Parliament Hill and another 200 people are gathered nearby, they said.

Both Justin Trudeau and Doug Ford have publicly condemned the protesters for waving racist flags, altering a statue of Terry Fox and desecrating the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

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