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Donald Trump Called Trudeau A 'Far Left Lunatic' Who 'Destroyed' Canada With COVID-19 Mandates

The former U.S. president praised the Freedom Convoy 2022.

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Donald Trump Called Trudeau A 'Far Left Lunatic' Who 'Destroyed' Canada With COVID-19 Mandates

As the Freedom Convoy 2022 that's overtaken parts of Ottawa continues, Donald Trump has called Justin Trudeau a "far left lunatic" who "destroyed" Canada with COVID-19 mandates his government has put in place.

The former U.S. president released a statement on February 4 through Trump Media & Technology Group, which he is the chairman of, that addressed the convoy and the Canadian prime minister.

"The Freedom Convoy is peacefully protesting the harsh policies of far left lunatic Justin Trudeau who has destroyed Canada with insane Covid mandates," Trump said.

He also claimed that GoFundMe is denying access to funds that belong to the Freedom Convoy.

"This is unacceptable and extremely dangerous in any country that values free expression," Trump said.

On February 4, GoFundMe announced that it had removed the Freedom Convoy fundraiser page after it had paused donations a few days earlier.

The fundraising platform said that it has evidence from law enforcement that the demonstration in Ottawa "has become an occupation, with police reports of violence and other unlawful activity."

It was also noted that GoFundMe found the page to be in violation of its terms of service, specifically one that prohibits the promotion of violence and harassment, after reviewing the facts and having discussions with law enforcement along with Ottawa city officials.

When the Freedom Convoy page was frozen, more than $10 million had been raised.

GoFundMe said it will automatically refund every contribution directly and people who donated won't have to submit a request to get their money back.

Trump also mentioned in his statement that this protest could happen in the U.S.

"Now, thankfully, the Freedom Convoy could be coming to DC with American Truckers who want to protest Biden's ridiculous Covid policies," he said.

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