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Trudeau Is Accused Of Dropping An 'F-Bomb' In Parliament & He Had The Sassiest Response

He had a quip for reporters when he was asked about what happened.👇

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Justin Trudeau in the House of Commons. Right: Justin Trudeau speaking to reporters.

Justin Trudeau in the House of Commons. Right: Justin Trudeau speaking to reporters.

Did Justin Trudeau swear in Parliament? That's the question on a lot of people's lips after the prime minister was accused of dropping an "F-bomb" during a heated exchange on Wednesday.

According to some Conservative Party members, Trudeau used a "six-letter F-word" during a heated exchange in the House of Commons on May 4.

Conservative House leader John Brassard described the alleged expletive as an "unparliamentary term" and said, "it wasn't fuddle-duddle."

He said that everybody who was in the two rows across from Trudeau heard him use the term.

Brassard said that the PM was being asked about military aircraft flying over Ottawa during the Freedom Convoy when he used the "F-bomb."

Trudeau responded that the question was "dangerously close to misinformation and disinformation designed to gin up fears and conspiracy theories," per Global News.

Speaking to reporters, Brassard went on to say that the prime minister has "shown this type of emotion in the past."

He referenced a time in 2011 when Trudeau (who was a Liberal MP in opposition at the time) called then-environment minister Peter Kent a "piece of sh*t" during another heated debate.

In response, after being asked about what happened by reporters, Trudeau channelled his father.

"What is the nature of your thoughts, gentlemen, when you move your lips in a particular way?" he said as he left the House of Commons.

It's similar to what his father — former PM Pierre Trudeau — said in 1971 when he himself was accused of mouthing a four-letter obscenity at the opposition benches.

At the time, he'd said, "What is the nature of your thoughts, gentlemen, when you say fuddle-duddle or something like that?"

According to reports, the Speaker has been formally asked to review whether unparliamentary language was used on Wednesday.

It was a chaotic question period overall, with shouting from both sides drowning out the Speaker on several occasions and MPs being warned that they "did cross a couple of lines."

In response to the drama, former Minister of Environment and Climate Change of Canada Catherine McKenna tweeted, "It has to be said that the atmosphere in the House of Commons [especially] during Question Period is too often appalling. Shouting, mocking, bullying, cheap antics."

She added, "It's a dysfunctional work place. And embarrassing for kids to watch. It needs to be fixed if we want good people to run."

Narcity has reached out to Justin Trudeau's office and the Conservative Party for comment.

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