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Dog Rescuer In Mexico Says Puppies Can't Find Homes Because Of Canada's Travel Rules

There's an "overwhelming" amount of puppies waiting to get into Canada right now.

A dog rescuer from Ottawa is speaking out about the impact that Canada's travel restrictions are having on her puppy rescue efforts in Mexico.

Andrea Renaud, the founder of The Tejido in Tulum, Mexico, spoke to Narcity about the struggle to find homes for stray animals that rely on Canadian visitors for transport.

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There is an overwhelming amount of puppies and no real way of getting them out of here and getting them to forever homes. Andrea Renaud

Renaud said that she started her organization after discovering an abandoned litter of puppies in the garbage, which she immediately took to the vet in Tulum.

"They were almost dying, but with just a little bit of help, they were able to be beautiful, amazing, healthy, happy puppies," she told Narcity.

She now has "a house full of litters of puppies," and works day and night to find them permanent homes in Canada.

Canada's flight ban to Mexico has created complications, though, as she often relies on tourists to take puppies on return flights.

"With people not really on vacation or travelling as much, there is just not as many flights for [these puppies] to get on."

Renaud says that another important part of her mission is to spay and neuter the rescues, and she has raised $7,000 on GoFundMe so far.

There are rescue efforts underway in Canada too. The Toronto Humane Society just took in 27 dogs who will all soon need homes.

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