Trudeau Admits ‘Speaking Moistly’ Was The Wrong Thing To Say But He Has No Regrets

He said there was "lots of laughing' after the moment. 😅
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Trudeau Admits ‘Speaking Moistly’ Was The Wrong Thing To Say But He Has No Regrets

Justin Trudeau has revealed that he has absolutely no regrets about his iconic “speaking moistly” moment from earlier this year.

Speaking to Breakfast Television Toronto on Wednesday, December 16, the prime minister confirmed that while it may have been the “wrong thing” to say at the time, he’s pleased the overall message stuck.

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There's lots of laughing at it, as I did right afterwards. Justin Trudeau

“I knew it was the wrong thing to say, but at the same time, if the message got across, it's a good message,” he explained.

“If that helped people, then I'll take the mockery!” the PM added.

While the hilariously cringe-worthy moment became an internet sensation, Trudeau admitted that he was able to make light of the situation, too.

He confirmed there was a “lot of laughing” at the time and afterwards, including from himself!

This is the second time he has spoken about the iconic moment recently, telling This Hour Has 22 Minutes in October that he was now “staying away from moistness!”

A clip of the prime minister went viral back in April, after he used the awkward term during a COVID-19 press conference.

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