The Conservatives & NDP Are Not Happy With Trudeau's Throne Speech

The Bloc Québécois leader wasn't pleased either.
The Conservatives & NDP Are Not Happy With Trudeau's Throne Speech

Today, Canada's Governor General delivered the latest Speech from the Throne to open the newest session of parliament. Leaders of the opposing parties had their chance to deliver their reactions. However, they were not impressed with what was said.

Candice Bergen, the deputy leader of the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC), delivered her party's response in person

"We've looked at this speech from the throne, and Conservatives cannot support it," she said, describing it as being "full of Liberal buzzwords and grand gestures."

Bergen also said that CPC leader Erin O'Toole will not be delivering a live response to the speech due to having COVID-19.

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Following Bergen's press conference, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh delivered his party's response to the speech.

He said that the Liberals are not backing up their words with actions. While he did not directly say the party would not support the speech, he stated plainly what he wanted from Trudeau.

"We are making very clear to the prime minister, if you want New Democrat Party support, if you want my support, then you have to stop the proposal to cut help to Canadians who cannot get back to work, and make sure you put in place paid sick leave for all Canadian workers," Singh said.

During the speech, there was no mention of the Canada Emergency Response Benefit being extended, although the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy will continue through next summer.

Bloc Québécois leader Yves-François Blanchet also tweeted a message that indicated he was not happy with the contents of the speech.

"Ottawa has not listened to the urgent and legitimate demands of Quebec and the provinces," he wrote in French, "all of which need Ottawa to respect the jurisdiction of the government of Quebecers and those of the provinces, primarily in health."

Because there is currently a minority government, if the throne speech does not get the support it needs from the other parties, there could be a non-confidence vote which would trigger a fall election.