Trudeau Gave His Canada Day Speech & Said Our Flag Is 'A Promise For A Better Life' (VIDEO)

"Because our flag is more than a symbol — it's a promise."

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau giving his 2022 Canada Day speech.
Toronto Associate Editor

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau giving his 2022 Canada Day speech.

Today is Canada Day, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is encouraging Canadians to "put in the work" to create a better future in this year's holiday speech. But while he asked everyone across Canada to recommit to the values the country is known for, he also brought up what the flag represents.

"Today, we celebrate the country we love and the people we share it with," Trudeau began, touching on how the country is home to over 38 million people from various communities and backgrounds.

The prime minister then talked about how Canada is strong due to its diversity and said that everyone, no matter what language they speak or where they were born, is equal in this "great country."

Trudeau also acknowledged that the country's "historic wrongs" might make the holiday a less festive occasion for some, which could be a subtle nod to the discovery of over 1,800 confirmed or suspected unmarked graves at residential schools since 2021 and recent calls to cancel the celebrations.

"But while we can't change history, we can put in the work to build a better future — one that reflects our values of hope, resilience, kindness, respect and generosity," Trudeau said.

He then went on to say that Canadians could take this holiday as an opportunity to go back to the values that the maple leaf represents.

"Because our flag is more than a symbol — it's also a promise. A promise of opportunity. A promise of safety for those fleeing violence and war. And a promise of a better life," Trudeau said.

The prime minister urged Canadians to "think about what this country means to us. And tomorrow, let's challenge ourselves to find new ways to live up to the great promise of Canada."

Alex Arsenych
Toronto Associate Editor