Jagmeet Singh has called out Justin Trudeau about paid sick days in Canada and he wants the federal program to be fixed by the prime minister.

The NDP leader said he asked Trudeau to give paid sick leave to Canadians but he "made excuses about jurisdiction" instead.

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Singh also said the federal paid sick leave program that already exists "needs to be fixed" and Trudeau can do that right away to help save lives.

The Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit gives $500 a week to people who can't work because they're sick or need to isolate due to COVID-19 or have a health condition that puts them at risk. People can apply for it for up to four weeks until September 25, 2021.

Ontario recently revealed that it's planning to give paid days off to workers who don't already have paid sick leave from their employers and people would get up to $200 a day for three days of work that's missed because of COVID-19.