Penn Badgley Revealed How He Gets Into Joe's Head For 'You' Season 4 & He's An 'Encyclopedia'

The tables turn on Joe this season!

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Penn Badgley. Right: Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in the Netflix show 'You.'

Penn Badgley. Right: Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in the Netflix show 'You.'

Narcity. Courtesy of Netflix.

The new season of the psychological thriller You is back on Netflix and viewers can expect a lot of shocking twists as Joe Goldberg heads to Europe in search of the woman who got away in Season 3.

Season 4 takes place in London, England, although there are also short trips to Paris, as Goldberg (Penn Badgley) takes on a new identity as a professor. Goldberg gets introduced to new people, including students, and a new circle of friends.

Aside from new faces, the show also takes on a new format of a murder mystery and things take a turn for the main character, which Badgley says he found refreshing.

"It is nice to have the tables turned on him so to speak," Badgley told Narcity.

"He's not the one doing the hunting, but because he's trying to figure out who is hunting him. So in a lot of ways I was really up to my old, same old tricks, it just feels and looks quite different because of the different people and the culture shock of London."

Penn Badgely & Amy-Leigh Hickman On Filming 'You' In London & What Makes Season 4

Fans of the show know by now that Goldberg is a dark and twisted character, but getting into the mindset is one Badgley has mastered over the years.

"The irony is that a lot of times I don't have to speak or even do anything. I really just stand there while everybody else does the stuff around me. So it's not that hard to drop into that in a way," the Gossip Girl actor explains.

"I mean, sure, the times when I've got to strangle somebody or stab somebody or do other things, which everybody loves to watch, evidently, that can be quite intense."

With those intense scenes, Badgley says he has tricks he uses to keep him on track.

"The tools that I do use when it is very intense are mostly prayer and meditation to be honest, I don't study or get too mental with it."

As for new characters on the show, one is a star pupil of Goldberg's named Nadia, played by Amy-Leigh Hickman.

"She's a really good person, and she hasn't got any intentions, she's not going to win something or gain something at the end of all this," Hickman says in her interview with Narcity.

"She's just good, a good-hearted person and she's very, very smart. I think that's why her and Joe get on in the beginning."

The English actress says she was grateful to join the cast and expressed her thanks to Badgley who helped her out during the heavier scenes.

"Penn directed one of the episodes as well, where things got a little bit more difficult for me so it was helpful, having the encyclopedia of the show there," Hickman notes.

Badgley and Hickman star in Season 4 of You alongside Tati Gabrielle, Ed Speleers, Lukas Gage, Tilly Keeper and Charlotte Ritchie.

You Season 4 part one is now available on Netflix, and part two will be available on March 9.

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Associate Editor, Global
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