The Bloc Québécois Leader's Wife Tested Positive For COVID-19 But Only Has 1 Weird Symptom

First Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, now another political spouse!
Bloc Quebecois Leader's Wife Has COVID-19 & She Has Lost Her Sense Of Smell
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Another sickness in Canada's political sphere. The Bloc Québécois leader's wife has tested positive for COVID-19 and she's actually lost her sense of smell because of the virus. She's the second spouse of a political leader to announce getting it after Sophie Grégoire Trudeau.

Nancy Déziel, a scientist and city councillor who is also the wife of Yves-François Blanchet, shared on Twitter that she tested positive for COVID-19.

In French, she said that she noticed she had lost her sense of smell which is a symptom of the virus.

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She went to a screening clinic on September 14 when she realized that.

After getting the positive test result, she and her loved ones started isolating themselves and will continue to do so until September 22.

The isolation period in Quebec lasts 10 days.

Déziel and her family are also following public health guidelines.

According to the Canadian Press via CTV News, Blanchet was already in isolation along with other Bloc Québécois members because one of his staff tested positive the day his wife noticed a symptom.

Déziel said that she's going to be doing her work online until it's safe for her to come out of isolation.

Also, she isn't experiencing any other symptoms besides the loss of smell.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau replied to one of Déziel's tweets about her diagnosis.

In French, he wished her a speedy recovery.

He also said that he and Grégoire Trudeau are thinking of her and hoping that she gets over the virus quickly.

Déziel is the second spouse of one of Canada's political leaders to announce getting the virus after Grégoire Trudeau who reported feeling flu-like symptoms when she returned from a trip to the U.K.

It was announced on March 12 that she tested positive for COVID-19.

A couple of weeks later she shared that she recovered and was given the all-clear from her doctor.

Grégoire Trudeau also donated plasma after she had recovered for research on the virus.

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