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Two North Carolina Great White Sharks Swimming Near Coast Right Now Are Massive

If you live in the Tar Heel State near one of the many great seaside beaches, you've maybe seen a shark or two. Off the coast near Nags Head in North Carolina, two great white sharks are swimming in the state's warm summer waters. Both of them are huge too, weighing in at over 1,000 pounds each.

The organization, Ocearch, studies and promotes the conservation of sharks, turtles, whales, seals, dolphins, and marine life through tracking efforts. And two of their tagged sharks are pretty close to the NC shore.

Caroline is closest to the coast, right in between Southern Shores and Kitty Hawk beach. This sub-adult female stretches 12 feet 9 inches and weighs 1,348.1 lbs.

Unlike many other of the sharks tagged by this organization, Carolina was tagged in Hilton Head, South Carolina in 2019, instead of Nova Scotia or Canadian waters.

Vimy, an adult male, is a little further off the shore of Nags Head. He also measures 12 feet and 9 inches, but he weighs a little less than his sharky sister at 1,164 lbs.

Vimy's traveled 4,838 miles of open ocean in just 103 days.

Caroline has been a busy traveler for the past few weeks herself. About two weeks ago on June 11, she was pinged off the coast of Florida a little north of Jacksonville.

This was just before she shifted further north for the summertime. Looks like everyone, even the marine life, might be looking for a little summer vacation right now.

Vimy was last pinged on June 8 and hasn't done much traveling since then. He seems to just be hanging out in the waters off the coast of North Carolina.

Ocearch's official website states that Vimy "is the 11th and final shark tagged during OCEARCH 2019 expedition to Nova Scotia."

Ocearch updates their Twitter and Instagram regularly with details regarding important movements and new pings from the many marine animals they're tracking for you to follow along.

*Cover photo for illustrative purposes.

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