A Rare Lunar Eclipse Turned The Moon Red Over Canada & The Photos Are Incredible

It was the longest partial lunar eclipse in 581 years!

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A Rare Lunar Eclipse Turned The Moon Red Over Canada & The Photos Are Incredible

The full moon put on a spectacular show in Canada during the rare partial lunar eclipse overnight and the photos are stunning!

On the night of November 18 and into the morning of November 19, the moon passed through Earth's shadow and a red hue washed over it with just the smallest sliver illuminated in bright white light.

The partial phase of this eclipse — when the moon moves into the darkest part of Earth's shadow and turns red — lasted for more than three hours, which made it one of the longest partial lunar eclipses ever and the longest one since 581 years ago.

The longest partial lunar eclipse happened on February 18, 1440, and that one beat this eclipse by just 24 seconds.

The entire country was able to see the eclipse, weather permitting, but eastern parts of Canada had the end of the show cut off by the sunrise.

Since it was so visible, people across the country were watching the eclipse, taking photos as the moon turned red and sharing them on social media.

If you missed seeing this rare eclipse in person, you'll have to settle for seeing it in photos because the next time a longer partial eclipse will happen is 648 years from now on February 8, 2669!

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