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Raven Of 'Love Is Blind' Shared Her Fave Pilates Tips & What's Next After Netflix

"I'm really, really excited."

Associate Editor, Global
Raven Ross.

Raven Ross.

If you watched Raven Ross on the third season of Love Is Blind you knows how much she loves pilates, and she says the show has helped her take her work to the next level in 2023.

Along with being a pilates instructor in Dallas, Ross has a YouTube channel that has grown significantly thanks to her time on the Netflix series and she says she's so "thankful for it."

"Before Love Is Blind, I was just chugging away on my YouTube. You know, editing everything myself, writing out workouts myself, booking space myself, just doing everything because I literally love it," she told Narcity.

"It's nice to see that the small idea that I started with has really carried through and created something bigger, but it's still the same thing at the heart of it."

Raven Ross Dishes About Her Time On ‘Love Is Blind’ & Her Pilates

But her wins aren't just happening online.

Ross has also been travelling around the U.S., including to Miami and New York City, for live pop-up classes and she says nothing makes her happier than getting to meet people who are on their own pilates journey.

"It's going just crazy good. I did my first L.A. pilates pop-up in Soho last week and honestly, it was the best one yet. It was just so much fun, everyone was just amazing. Every piece is going so well. I love it."

You can watch Ross' workouts on her YouTube channel

One of the great things about Ross' workouts is they are super accessible through her YouTube channel Pilates Body By Raven.

I did one myself the day before our interview and I loved Ross' energy and pace during the workout.

However, I will admit I jumped into a barre routine instead of going for something a bit easier for a pilates newbie so my legs were hurting afterwards.

During the interview I asked Ross for some advice for pilates newcomers.

"My best piece of advice that literally applies to all pieces of your life is just start small, like the smaller you can start the better because that's how you're going to be able to build up and really create long-lasting results, long-lasting habits," she said.

"I feel like people, especially [at] the beginning of the year, just start and like go crazy, you know, and crazy workouts all the time. Just start with a 10-minute barre workout. That's totally enough."

I will keep this in mind for my next one!

Ross says anybody can do pilates and benefit from it

The former Love Is Blind star says there are many reasons why she loves pilates.

One reason is a personal one that she says she's never really talked about.

"I have scoliosis and pilates is the number one form of exercise that people with scoliosis have to be doing," she told Narcity.

"A lot of girls and even a lot of older women in their later years can start to develop it and it's just so so so important you do pilates because it's really based off of balancing both sides of your body. That's particularly why I got into it."

Other than that, Ross says she's never seen another type of exercise that is "so accommodating to every single person's body."

"Whether it be a knee replacement, shoulder replacement, a swollen hamstring [or] maybe you know someone who has issues with their hands, arthritis, osteo (...) pilates is literally for everybody, for men, women," she continued.

"Most of my private clients are men. It's so amazing to see so many different people take different things from one form of workout."

Ross has exciting new things coming for her pilates platform

Aside from her YouTube channel and a Love Is Blind reunion in February, Ross has her own app coming out in March.

"I'm really, really excited. We're going to keep going with the YouTube of course," she explained.

"But on the app, we're actually going to start by launching it in conjunction with my Revenge Body Challenge, which is going to be kind of a more amped up version of the challenge that we've got going on right now: Toned in 21."

Overall, Ross hopes people who watch her channel will continue moving forward with their pilates journey and come out feeling stronger than ever.

"Just seeing people do pilates at home every day, be consistent and feel successful is the craziest thing to me. It's so amazing."

    Asymina Kantorowicz
    Associate Editor, Global
    Asymina Kantorowicz is an Associate Editor for Narcity’s Global Desk focused on celebrity and health news and is based in Victoria, British Columbia.
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