Have you watched all six seasons of the Rose family more times than you can count? Well, we found a spot that is like stepping into the television show. You could star in your own Schitt's Creek at this Saskatchewan motel for sale.

Unlike Johnny, you don't need to buy this property in Shellbrook as a gag gift. Instead, you could live every day like you are in Schitt's Creek, and earn an income too.

While the actual motel from the show is in Ontario, The Shellbrook Motel looks nearly identical. All that is missing is the raised section in the middle with the Rosebud Motel sign.

For those of you dreaming about running your own business, it would be perfect. It comes with 16 rooms with either double or queen beds, and other standard items like a fridge, coffee maker and microwave.

It is entirely up to you how much you rent them out for, but they previously went for $112 to $150 a night.

So if you keep the price the same, you will be making close to $2000 per night when fully booked. Just imagine how much you could make in one year.

Plus, it comes with a mini ice cream shop loaded with plenty of supplies and a big freezer.

While you might be tempted to eat all the sweets inside, it could be some easy extra income.

All it takes is a bit of social media marketing, and you could have a steady lineup of customers wanting frozen desserts in the summer.

Included is a three-bedroom residence with a kitchen, living room and bathroom. It also has a private door to the main office, so your work commute is only a few steps.

Does this sound like the business for you? It is time to apply for a mortgage, and buy this motel for $1,685,000.

The Shellbrook Motel

Price: $1,685,000

Address: 111 Service Rd. W., Shellbrook, SK

Description: Buy an ice cream shop, 16-room motel and a three-bedroom home for one price.

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