A Saskatchewan Man Befriended A Coyote Pup For 10 Days On A Rafting Trip & It's Adorable

He saved the coyote's life.
Saskatchewan Coyote Rescue Led To A Man Befriending The Pup For 10 Days On A Rafting Trip
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Now, this is just too cute! After a Saskatchewan coyote rescue happened, a man befriended the little pup whose life he saved for 10 days during his rafting trip. It sounds like something straight out of a movie.

Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan posted on social media about this rescue and the friendship that was forged out on the water.

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The organization said that a man, who they identified as Justin, was on a multi-day rafting trip on the Red Deer and South Saskatchewan Rivers.

While fishing, he heard a noise in the water and saw an animal swimming. It could barely keep its head above the surface.

Without being able to tell what the animal was, Justin reached for it but fell into the river.

However, he was able to find the coyote pup and get himself and the little animal back onto the raft.

The pup was unconscious and didn't seem to be breathing so Justin had to do a version of the Heimlich maneuver to save the animal's life.

Both Justin and the pup were soaking wet from being in the water so he paddled back to land and built a fire to warm them up.

For the next 10 days of his trip, Justin had limited cell service so he kept the coyote with him and cared for him. They even shared meals together.

The pup would cuddle in his jacket and sleep on his backpack while he was rafting.

He named the pup YipYip and when he was finally able to get service, he called his wife and they connected with the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan.

Now the pup is being taken care of and rehabbed until he's old enough to go back into the wild.

"If it wasn't for the wonderfully caring Justin, little YipYip would have perished in the river," the organization said.

This could seriously be the plot of a movie!

Justin and YipYip's friendship isn't the only unusual pairing we've heard about.

A dog and a duckling in New Brunswick bonded after the little duck was abandoned by its mother. They would snuggle to keep warm and it was just so cute.

There have been lots of interesting animal sightings recently including a black bear that took up residence in a tree for hours in Winnipeg, a moose that cooled off in a backyard pool in Ottawa and a fox family that was living under a beachside boardwalk in Toronto.

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