If you've been dreaming of spending days under bright sunshine, this adventure is the perfect daytime escape. The Truckee River near Reno is the ideal tubing spot for you and your buddies, so you can spend the afternoon soaking up the rays on a relaxing drift. Get ready to get views of lush alpine mountains from the comfort of an inflatable float.

You can visit this gorgeous stretch of green water and rent a tube from any local companies, or you can even buy a tour package. Rentals average around $29.

The Truckee River runs through Reno, Nevada, and gives you the chance to float for two to three hours on the cool waters.

If you want to bring your floats, you can start your trip downstream at any of the access points near Tahoe City.

You can drift down to a spot called Alpine Meadows, where the tubing access officially stops. The entire journey is around five miles long.

From there, you can use one of the local rafting or tubing companies for a ride back upstream. Wild Sierra offers tours and rentals so that you can get all of your tubing needs in one spot.

You can pack a picnic to enjoy on one of the beaches along the route, or stop at the River Ranch Lodge for a drink and a snack.

The river is free to enjoy, and rental packages start at $29 through Wild Sierra.

It is a good idea to pack sunscreen, water, and even a cooler for refreshments to keep you and your squad hydrated and happy while you play in the water.

You can find parking at the Tahoe City Transit Center for easy access to the river.

Get your water gear ready and prepare to spend an epic day "lazily" floating down these waters. 

Truckee River Tubing

Price: Starting at $29 for rentals

Location: Truckee River, Tahoe City, CA

Why You Need To Go: You can spend the day enjoying a relaxing tubing trip down this five mile stretch of river.


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