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Sarah Levy Shared More Pics From Her Wedding & It Looks So Dreamy (PHOTOS)

Where the heck was our invite, Sarah?!

Staff Writer
Sarah Levy Shared More Pics From Her Wedding & It Looks So Dreamy (PHOTOS)

Love is in the air for the Levy family! Sarah Levy just got married and the pics are super sweet.

Sarah married her partner, actor and producer Graham Outerbridge, over the weekend, and she just shared her first photos of the ceremony in the form of adorable photo booth prints.

"Bells are ringing," Sarah wrote in the caption of her photo.

Outerbridge also shared a sneak peek of the wedding to his Instagram story, reposting a video of him and Sarah having their first dance while guests at the wedding (including Schitt's Creek star Noah Reid, who played Patrick) look on.

Dan Levy also shared an amazing picture of the evening, capturing himself, sister Sarah and a dozen other guests having a blast on the dance floor (while an S Club 7 song was blaring in the background, according to Dan).

Parents Eugene Levy and Deborah Divine aren't pictured dancing, but we'd like to imagine they also know how to cut a rug to early 2000s pop music.

It looks like the wedding was one heck of a celebration for all involved, which is why we'll be spending the rest of our day wondering why we didn't get an invitation. Dan, you know how to fix this!

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