Sarah Levy Shared Pics From Her Wedding Day & Dan Looked Pretty Darn Cute With His Bouquet

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Sarah Levy Shared Pics From Her Wedding Day & Dan Looked Pretty Darn Cute With His Bouquet

Happy couple alert! Sarah Levy finally shared wedding pictures from her big day and they're so, so gorgeous.

Back in October, Twyla from Schitt's Creek tied the knot with her partner Graham Outerbridge. On Sunday, November 21, she shared new pics from the joyful event on her Insta, and we're melting over how happy everyone looked.

The first two photos are of Sarah and her hubby looking supper happy before sharing a smooch.

The third pic shows Sarah with her brother Dan Levy and three others. They're all holding pretty bouquets while posing for the camera, and Dan looks particularly adorable.

Over the past few weeks, Dan has given us a few peeks into the event.

On October 18, he shared a fun snap of the siblings hitting up the dance floor with the caption, "My sister got married this weekend. This is absolutely not a photo of us screaming the lyrics to S Club Party on the dance floor."

Dan also revealed that his speech at the wedding was a bust while on Jimmy Kimmel Live and blamed it on their dad, Eugene Levy.

He said that while he initially thought his speech was fine, their parents totally upstaged him.

"And then my parents came on after me and sang a duet, a surprise duet for my sister, and suddenly, my speech was just absolute shit," Dan said.

He also dished on the reception, where he DJ'd a few tunes: "There's nothing quite as thrilling as dancing with your aunts to Olivia Rodrigo," he shared.

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