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A Saskatchewan RCMP Officer Was Filmed Yelling & Entering A Home With An Axe (VIDEO)

The officer was responding to a man experiencing depression.
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Saskatchewan RCMP Went Into Someone's House Carrying An Axe After A Report Of Self-Harm

This is scary. A video posted on social media appears to show a Saskatchewan RCMP officer entering somebody's house while carrying an axe. He was responding to a call about a person experiencing depression.

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

On Facebook, Jonas Hardlotte posted a video of the incident on August 24, appearing to show the officer attempting to get into the house and then entering with an axe.

According to The Canadian Press, Hardlotte is a 33-year-old Cree man who lives about 450 kilometres north of Saskatoon.

He was experiencing depression and was talking to his mother-in-law, who called a local clinic check on him.

In the video, an RCMP officer is seen standing on the porch of a house, urging the people inside to open the door.

He punches the window aggressively multiple times.

"Open the door now", the officer can be heard screaming.

The officer then leans over the porch rail and says, "The f*cking clinic is here to check on you. Open the door or I'm coming back with a sledgehammer."

One of the people inside the house responds, "I'll open the door when the clinic comes here."

The officer then attempts to open the door by turning the knob, but then walks down the steps and out of the video frame.

Once he had left, someone inside opens the door.

The officer walks back up to the house and asks, "Did you think I was kidding?" 

He enters house through the doorway with an axe in his hand.

"The clinic is here to check on you," the officer repeats inside the house. Shortly after, two nurses enter.

"I opened the door for the clinic, not for you" the person filming says to the officer.

Then, the policeman grabs the phone and ends the recording.

The RCMP told Narcity that they got a request for help from the local clinic, after there was a 911 call regarding "an adult male who had injured himself and was bleeding."

They confirmed that an officer had used loud banging, yelling and profanity in an attempt to gain entry into the property.

The video was brought to the attention of the police on August 25 and an investigation is ongoing, a spokesperson confirmed.

The RCMP has faced criticism for how the force interacts with Indigenous people and other people of colour in Canada.

In January, UBC Okanagan student Mona Wang was dragged out of her apartment, through a hallway and into the building's lobby by a policeman during a wellness check.

In June, another officer drove up to a man in Nunavut and knocked him to the ground with the door of an RCMP vehicle.

In New Brunswick, another fatally shot Rodney Levi, a Mi'kmaq man, in June.

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